Criminal syndicate posing as online taxi drivers busted in Karachi


Online Taxi Service driver Ejaz along with 3 friends caught during a raid by Anti-Street Crime police squad of District East and Aziz Bhatti Police Department, ARY News reported on Wednesday.

Ejaz, Sajid, Umer and Fawad were using online cab hailing services to rob passengers of their valuables.

“Ejaz drove for a private online cab hailing service in Karachi and the group primarily targeted female passengers,” revealed Senior Superintendent (SSP) East.

According to details, the group was involved in heinous and fraudulent crimes where they used National Identity Cards burgled from their victims to create more fake online ID’s for the online service.

The group has also been found involved in tampering with the national identification database being controlled and regulated by National Database and Registration Authority, Pakistan (NADRA).

The accused were also making fake driving licenses using Adobe Photoshop with help of the official driving license branch website, SSP further revealed.

“The accused used to change complete online identity of the driver including his picture and telephone number,” said SSP East.

The person you entrust to take you safely towards your destination is revealed as someone totally different from the one you had booked, exclaimed SSP East.

SSP East also alleged that one of the criminals caught in the successful operation is himself a franchise owner for the private online taxi service.

“Umer who has been identified as a franchisee of the online cab hailing service is also among the accused, told SSP East Capt. Ghulam Azfar Mahaesar.

“People are unaware that these online cab services have no viable security or identification mechanism in place and fooling the system is not that difficult,” elaborated the policeman.

“There is no data entry to speak of and the identity of the driver is also not stressed upon, background checks from NADRA and the police never take place.”

Ejaz harassed and robbed a girl from Lahore on June 3, the phone was recovered with the help of the technical team at District East police station, the charges against the accused read.

Ejaz was also carrying an illegal weapon, the charges entail.

Further investigations revealed that prime accused Ejaz belonged to a family of criminals and his brother and father have remained notorious thugs and target killers.

“His family members are still wanted by police station in Orangi,” revealed SSP East Karachi.

“Ejaz’s brother has been killed due to criminal activities in the past.”

Cases have been registered against the cab hailing service’s Karachi franchise and the group involved has been taken into custody.

Police officers involved in busting this criminal racket will be awarded cash prizes and complimentary certificates, it was announced.

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