ISLAMABAD: Customs team Islamabad has seized a container carrying smuggled items worth twenty million rupees, ARY News reported on Sunday.

As per details, the container was intercepted from M2 motorway, carrying smuggled goods including cell phones, high-value fabric, and Milk Powder.

According to Customs authorities, some of the seized items are of Indian origin, whereas a number of non paid customs vehicles were also seized.

Earlier on July 20, Pakistan Customs Directorate General of Afghan Transit had seized a large number of Indian origin consignments mis-declared as ‘White Sugar’, destined to be consumed in Afghanistan.

After confirmation through laboratory tests, the sugar was found to be unfit for human consumption, according to a statement.

The harmful intake of this ‘expired sugar’ giving off foul smell and having turned brownish in color would have seriously endangered the health of Afghan nationals had it made its way to the markets in Afghanistan.

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