KARACHI: Speaking to a fundraiser today, Friday Imran Khan said that the nation has to undergo a difficult economic phase for two to three months, reported ARY News.

Making a speech at a fundraiser for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital in Karachi, Khan said that the country has endured 10 years of massive corruption and looting and would hence suffer the consequence for a short while till situation improves.

“When a country undergoes bad times, it unites. It does not start hording dollars in midst of a severe financial crunch, said the Prime Minister.

Khan again reiterated his resolve to make Pakistan a peaceful and prosperous country which would be a prime destination for foreigners looking for better business opportunities.

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He thanked everyone present at the fundraiser for their continued support towards the cancer hospital throughout it’s illustrious history.

“One should have a clear vision and good will, God will help you succeed in your endeavors,” Khan emphasized.

He congratulated the people of Pakistan on building state of the art cancer hospitals in various parts of the country which are being run solely on public funding since their inception.

Khan revealed that since the first brick of the very first SKMH was laid, the project saw no delays at all, such was the outpouring of love and trust by the nation for the healthcare project.

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