Gilgit-Baltistan police facilitated suspects to trace, kill man in Karachi


KARCHI: Gilgit-Baltistan police reportedly facilitated suspects to trace and kill a Gilgit man in Karachi, police told ARY News on Wednesday.

A Karachi police officer said that the modern equipment provided to Gilgit-Baltistan police to trace terrorists were used to facilitate the suspects to locate and kill the man, Mohammad Ali, in Karachi.

According to the details, a tortured and bullet-riddled body of a Gilgit man was recovered from Lines Area in Karachi on April 10. Following the  investigation, Rangers on April 12, arrested five suspects and three of their facilitators,  involved in a murder of the man. Later, the suspects were handed over to police for further interrogations.

The police officer said that five suspects, including two on duty policemen from Gilgit-Baltistan, arrived in Karachi and killed the man.


The suspects in police custody revealed that SSP Astore was in contact with them and providing real time details about every movement of Mohammad Ali in Karachi.

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The suspects told the police that with the help of the details provided by the police officer, they found Mohammad Ali in Karachi and after subjecting him severe torture, killed the man. The suspects further told the police that they were fleeing to Gilgit-Baltistan but Rangers took them into custody near Khairpur.

The police officer said that a suspect Shabbar Hassan confessed that he had killed Mohammad Ali and alleged that he had kidnapped his 45 years old aunt and fled to Karachi.

A video clip was also recovered from the suspects, seen by ARY News, in which  Shabbar Hassan can be seen subjecting Mohammad Ali to torture with a hunter. In the footage, he was inquiring from the man about a woman and giving life threats.

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