Hamza Ali Abbasi says presidential system only solution for Pakistan’s woes


KARACHI: Actor and political pundit Hamza Ali Abbasi on Sunday shed light in detail on why the presidential system was required in Pakistan, ARY News reported.

Talking to ARY News programme ‘Sawal Yeh Hai’, Hamza Ali Abbasi first of all clarified that the presidential system had never been tested in Pakistan before. He said earlier the country had experienced military dictatorship in the name of presidential system.

“The one-unit system of (ex-president) Iskander Mirza and (ex-prime minister) Mohammed Ali Bogra could also not be regarded as the presidential system,” he said.

The Pyare Afzal famed Abbasi said both the systems were good, but we would have to see what suited us the best. He said the parliamentary system had some inherent flaws which he did not think could be rectified.

The actor said most of the time of the prime minister in the country was spent on cajoling political parties into going along.

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Recapitulating his talk, he said in a parliamentary system, the prime minister had to choose a member of the parliament for a key post such as education minister, on the other hand, the president enjoyed this luxury in the presidential system that he could choose any best educationist in the country for the ministry.

He said in practice, functions of a president in Pakistan were not many in the current system.

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