KERALA: A man in India surprised his countrymen after he created a fully-functional mini rickshaw for his children.

Resident of Kerala, Arun Kumar Purushothaman, came up with an interesting idea to provide toys for his children. Instead of buying his son an auto-rickshaw, who wanted it after watching the 1990 Malayalam film Aye Auto, Purushothaman decided to make a fully-functional one.

India mini rickshaw

Purushothaman, who works as a staff nurse at the Idukki District Hospital, shared a video of the auto along with his children playing with it. The mini auto ‘Sundhari’ is inspired by the iconic song of the same name from the film. The 10-minute clip, which has impressed many after it was shared on Purushothaman’s YouTube channel, shows how the auto was made and how it works.

Deccan Chronicle quoted Arun who was always interested in making toy cars as saying: “When I was young, I was very excited about vehicles and always wanted to have toys like that. But my family could not afford it. My father, who was a carpenter, overhauled a second-hand bicycle with wooden wheels for me.

After that, using my father’s tools, I crafted several small toys, especially vehicles. When I was in class 10, I won the first prize in a state-level competition for making the working model of a JCB. So, that’s how it all started.”


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