The Joaquin Phoenix-led Joker is laughing all the way to the box office. If it keeps doing well, the film is likely to replace Deadpool as the biggest R-rated box office earner of all time.

Since it’s release, there was always a chance that the Tod Phillips directorial featuring a beclowned bad guy would do well despite having a considerably lower budget than most superhero adjacent movies.

According to Box Office Mojo, it’s not there yet as it has grossed $737 million globally so far. Meanwhile, Deadpool, hit $783 million upon its worldwide release back in 2016.

However, some exhibitors think even higher total for Joker ($900 million) or even $1 billion. Only time will tell whether the much-anticipated dark and violent R-rated movie will be able to achieve this feat.

The film provides the backstory for the rise of Batman’s maniacal nemesis, painting a dark and disturbing portrayal of a would-be stand-up comedian’s descent into madness.

It was released on October 4 across theatres in the US.

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