Maira Khan’s secret is out in ‘Cheekh’


‘Cheekh‘ fans, who were already worried about Maira Khan’s character Shehwar’s future, learnt a shocking fact about her past.

Shehwar (played by Maira Khan), who is already going through a lot of hardships due to her husband Yawar’s patronising attitude and patriarchal mindset.

The ARY Digital play’s 15th episode shows that Shehwar visits a doctor to seek medical treatment of her “infertility” problem only to be insulted in front of servants and then asked to wear her medical report like a badge so that she never forgets that she can’t become a mother.

The reality, however, is different as the audiences were showed that it was Yawar (played by Aijaz Aslam), who in reality is infertile and that his infertility is incurable.

But Yawar being Yawar, did something more sinister that audiences ever thought, as he asks doctor to prepare fake reports showing Shehwar as incurably infertile.

Not only that, just to feed his fragile ego, the man is shown telling Maira Khan that he will never demand a child from her and will never press her to seek a cure for “her infertility”.

Audiences, who were already surprised as to why a man like Yawar, who considers women as mere objects,  has never insulted her wife over the issue were taken aback by the revelation.

“Yaar ye Yawar to koi shadeed ghatia admi ha, ye to Wajih se bhi gaya guzra hai,” wrote on Youtube user.

“Who hates Yawar more than Wajih, hit the like button,” another one commented and immediately received 20 likes.

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