A Texas man was hit by a lightning strike while he was walking his dogs but thankfully he survived. 

The incident was captured on a surveillance camera which shows a bolt of lightning striking the ground near the man’s feet. He fell on the ground almost instantly while his three dogs ran off, reports Fox News.

The viral video shows a bystander running over to Alex Coreas who was joined by others to give him medical aid. One person performed CPR and he was later taken to a hospital.

The strike reportedly blew Coreas’ socks and shoes off.

Family members said Coreas sustained “very serious injuries” from the lightning strike.

“His clothes caught on fire from the lightning strike, his shoes were knocked off, and he fell forward to the ground,” they said in a GoFundMe page to help pay for his medical expenses.

The incident took place outside the Stuebner Airline Veterinary Hospital in Texas on October 3.

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