Lahore: For 40 years, Allah Ditta has fought waves selflessly to help people live.

Having saved 800 people and recovered 2,000 dead bodies, Allah Ditta says he cannot help being a savior to someone. Reminiscing a similar incident, he told ARY News, “A woman once jumped from the bridge to commit suicide, I caught her and brought her to safety. In return she slapped me really hard  but I didn’t get angry. I told her I cannot let you die, I have to save your life.”

For Allah Ditta, race or religion doesn’t matter. He says every life is valuable. No dead body can be discriminated on the basis of faith, “Sometimes after 2-3 days sometimes we find decomposed dead bodies, and no one is ready to touch them even the parents, I even bathe them. I don’t hate dead bodies.”

Allah Ditta has been rewarded by the government.for risking his life to help others live.

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