Mouse forces Jeddah-bound flight to be grounded


LAHORE: A Jeddah-bound private airline flight was grounded on Monday after a mouse refused to get out of it even after struggle of several hours by the staff, ARY News reported.

The flight PA-470 was originally scheduled to take off at 5:20pm from the Lahore airport, however it was later rescheduled for 8:00pm and then for 12:30, after the airline staff failed in pursuit of the mouse. In the end, the private airline had to ground it after doing fumigation all over the plane.

218 passengers of the flight were compelled to wait at the Lahore airport lounge for many hours.

Rodent-repellant was also sprayed in the plane to get rid of the mouse, but to no avail.

The spokesperson of the airline said a ‘ferry flight’ had been called from Islamabad, which would take the passengers to Jeddah.

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On January 9 this year, a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight attendant was offloaded from a Lahore-bound flight for being under influence of alcohol.

According to PIA officials, flight attendant Ghulam Muhammad Sarwar Chandio was tested positive for alcohol after a medical team paid a surprise visit to the flight (PK-31) and conducted  his blood test. He was subsequently offloaded from the flight.

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