Pakistan exposes nefarious thoughts of Modi: Shireen Mazari


ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Human Rights, Shireen Mazari has praised Pakistan Navy for detecting an Indian submarine and foiling an attempt to enter Pakistani water by utilizing its professional and vigilant skills on Monday night, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Mazari in her latest statement said that Pakistan has fully exposed nefarious thoughts of Narendra Modi-led government in India.

She added that the Pakistan Navy disclosed the covert and furtive adventurism by India as it was the second attempt of violating marine boundaries of the country.

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Mazari clarified that the nation stood united with the armed forces and warned Modi to refrain from war hysteria with Pakistan.

She said Indian’s cold start doctrine’s brinkmanship strategy was non-viable with Modi as Modi was on a suicide mission for India.

She said, “Someone should really explain to Modi government that warmongering was over now with Pakistan’s Nasr and cruise missiles having the capacity for befitting response to any aggression of Indian forces against Pakistan.”

The minister said that Pakistan adopted policy of longstanding peace establishment across the region, however, the country has possessed best capacity to respond to any Indian aggression.

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