As the Pakistan government is all-prepared to give a historic reception to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman today (Sunday), Pakistan’s people are also doing their best to welcome the middle-eastern royal.

A Pakistani artist Rabia Zakir in a bid to welcome the crown prince has prepared a painting of Prince Mohammad bin Salman.

Through oil on canvas, the artist has realistically painted several features of the prince including his traditional Arab outfit and the handkerchief.

Talking to ARY News, Ms Zakir said that it was difficult to transfer the crown prince’s magnificent facial features.

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The painting took nearly a week to complete.

She said that she wanted to personally present the portrait to the crown prince, and if she didn’t get a chance to meet him, she would hand it over to the Saudi Embassy in Islamabad.

Earlier, a Pakistani artist Sonia Nisa, whose calligraphic painting of Prime Minister Imran Khan broke the Internet last month, got to meet none other than Prime Minister Imran Khan in person and presented to him his portrait that she had created.

Nisa had drawn the facial features of the premier by writing the lyrics of Pakistan’s national anthem in such a design that upon completion, the calligraphy matched the prime minister.

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