‘People get annoyed for I speak truth’


Televangelist Aamir Liaquat on Wednesday said that if he has to name his one habit which has annoyed all “it is speaking the truth”.

The popular television personality, who appeared on ARY Zindagi’s morning show ‘Salam Zindagi’, said this while answering questions during a fun segment ‘rapid fire’ during the show.

Aamir Liaquat also revealed some interesting facts about his life like he receives weird messages from unknown numbers all the time and he feels that some people are deliberately sending him such messages.

When asked if he gets a film offer, will he accept it, he replied in assertive but said that if the makers ask him to lose weight, he will deny the offer.

About his own plans to make a movie, Aamir Liaquat revealed that the project is in works.

Liaquat, who graced the ARY Zindagi show with his wife Tuba Amir, was asked if he can name some qualities he likes in his wife.

He replied the question by saying that his wife is intelligent and has been with him through thick and thin.

Tuba Amir, during her turn at rapid fire, revealed that she has saved her husband’s phone number as ‘panther’.

Earlier, during random interview, she also revealed that her husband cares a lot about her culinary choices and even made Nihari, chicken corn soup and Pasta for her in last few days.

The show ended with Aamir Liaquat’s message as he remarked that “Pareshan honey walon ko to kabhi na kabhi sukoon aa hi jaata ha pr preshan krnay walay hmesha preshan rehte hein”

(Those who get annoyed or harassed by someone eventually get peace but those who annoy or harass someone never stay at peace).

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