Persons placed on fourth schedule to face more curbs


ISLAMABAD: The Ministry of Interior on Monday issued a notification, stating that people placed on the fourth schedule will now face more curbs including freezing of their bank accounts, ARY News reported Monday.

The Fourth Schedule is a list of proscribed individuals who are suspected of terrorism and/or sectarianism under Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), 1997. After credible intelligence information, their names are included in the fourth schedule as prescribed by the Home Department and can be subjected to restrictions on travel, speech and business.

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According to government orders, all those currently in the fourth schedule can neither have credit cards nor are they liable to take loans. Their arms licenses have also suspended on recommendation of the National Counter Terrorism Authority.

The revised list of fourth schedule has also been forwarded to the immigration department.

Meanwhile, scrutiny of bank accounts has also started as State Bank of Pakistan has also been given data of 6112 bank accounts for probe.

The SBP has so far frozen 4863 accounts after thorough inspection and seized Rs 130.1 million after its scrutiny.

Assets of fourth schedulers are frozen under the law. National Identity Cards (NICs) and bank accounts are blocked by the government and their names placed on Exit Control List (ECL) by the interior ministry.

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