PHF’s congress appoint Manzoor Junior as new chief selector

The Pakistan Hockey Federation (PHF) have appointed former olympian Manzoor junior as the chief selector of Pakistan hockey team.

Former Olympians Waseem Feroz, Ayaz Mehmood, and Khalid Hameed have named as the members of the selection committee.

“Manzoor has the strength to deliver from teh front. We hope that he will contribute worthy for Pakistan team,” he said while briefing to the media on teh eve of National Hockey Championship.

The president knows about the crisis in the federation but he hopes to get the things in the right order by the time. “Bajwa has been brought in the picture with an aim to revolutionize the game in Pakistan. The things are getting better and will keep on progressing by the time,” Khokhar said.

PHF boss said that they are trying to bring the process of accountability in the federation hence they have decided to publish audit report publicly. “Now, the federation will publish its audit report every three months on the official website of the PHF,” he added.