Priyanka Chopra, the B-town megastar who is slowly and gradually climbing the ladder of success in Hollywood, is hoping to conquer another arena, the political arena to be precise. The Quantico actress confessed in an interview.

She opened up to having political ambitions for both herself and her husband Nick Jonas who is an accomplished artist in his own right.

Priyanka, who is UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador among the many other responsibilities she juggles, has her eye on the top job: Prime Minister of India with Nick Jonas as President.

“I would love to run for prime minister of India. I would love Nick to run for president,” Priyanka Chopra told The Sunday Times.

Priyanka Chopra added that  she doesn’t “like the things associated with politics.”

“I know that both of us really want to make a change. Never say never,” Priyanka said.

Asked why she thinks Nick Jonas, 26, would suit the position, Priyanka said, “He’s not afraid to use the word (feminist) and I love that.”

Priyanka Chopra met Prime Minister India Narendra Modi in Berlin a couple of years ago and had also invited PM Modi to the wedding reception they held in New Delhi last year.

Other than her photo-ops PM Modi, Priyanka has so far shown no particular leaning towards any political party.

The article originally appeared in The Sunday Times

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