Rangers arrest MQM-London extortionist from Karachi


KARACHI: Pakistan rangers, Sindh acted out based on an intelligence report in Karachi’s area of Landhi arresting an individual under the pretext of extortion.

Official spokesperson of the rangers revealed that the person taken under arrest belongs to Muttahida Qaumi Movement’s London (MQM-L) chapter.

“The apprehended has been a unit incharge of Landhi, 86 for MQM-L,” revealed the spokesman.

The individual has confessed to various acts of extortion from different factories and markets.

“He had divided his unit into 7 different pools, eight to ten guys were designated with tasks to extort from their assigned vicinity,” added the spokesman.

The criminal also revealed that he was helping to keep the operations of MQM-L ongoing as it continues to face difficult times due to law enforcement and internal party politics.

Illegal arms and ammunition have also been recovered during the operation.

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