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KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Friday presented a Rs1,217 billion budget for the Fiscal year 2019-20, ARY News reported.

CM Murad said that People of Sindh have generously reposed their trust in policies of the Sindh government.

“The selfless devotion of our leaders, their teachings and their love for the people of this country are the guiding beacon for every member of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party. We draw inspiration from the teachings of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto,” he added.

According to details, the expenditure budget is estimated at Rs.870.217 billion which shows an increase of 12.5pc over the current year allocation of Rs.773.237 billion. The 12pc increase in expenditure is primarily in the employee related expenses which could not have been avoided.

“Our austerity policy shall continue during the next financial year. We have introduced major cuts in operating expenses,” he added.

He said that the provincial revenue targets have been revised from Rs.243.082 billion to Rs.240.746 billion. As a result, against an estimated budgetary amount of Rs.1.123 trillion, the revised receipts for Current Financial Year stand at Rs.940.777 billion.

The Development portfolio for the next financial year is Rs.283.5 billion which includes Rs.228 billion on account of Provincial and District ADP.

Education: The allocation for school education is increased in nondevelopment budget from Rs.170.832 in year 2018-19 billion to Rs.178.618 billion in next financial year 2019-20. Whereas, on the development side, Rs.15.15 billion are allocated in ADP 2019-20.

The allocation for a college education is increased in the non-development budget from Rs.15.777 billion in the year 2018-19 to Rs.18.094 billion in the next financial year 2019-20.

The School Education portfolio has been allocated Rs.15.15 billion for 279 schemes (188 on-going and 91 new schemes). Further, the major initiatives incorporated for next year are:

  • Construction of ‘06’ Room Building for 20 Shelter-less Primary Schools.
  • Construction of ‘06’ Room Building for 20 Shelter-less Primary Schools.

Health: The Sindh CM said that Health is a high priority with the Government of Sindh.

“Significant investments have been made over the years in the preventive program; primary health largely through PPHI,” said Murad.

The current revenue expenditure of Health Department excluding medical education has been significantly increased by 19pc from Rs.96.8 billion in CFY 2018-19 to Rs.114.4 billion in FY 2019-20.

For FY year 2018-19, Rs.13.5 billion was allocated for 170 schemes and by June 3, 2019, Rs. 4.61 billion were expended against a release of Rs.8.01 billion.

  • Several multi-disciplinary services, like pediatric cardiology, have been added to SIUT.
  • Maternal and Child Health Care Center at Jamshoro with grant assistance of JICA.
  • A 200- bedded Hospital has been planned for Sukkur either through PPP framework or through development financing.

Grants :

  • The Sindh government is providing Rs.5.6 billion to SIUT as a grant in next financial year (2019-20).
  • Considering the quality services of liver transplantation provided at Pir Abdul Qadir Shah Jeelani Institute of Medical Sciences, Gambat, District Khairpur, the Government has increased the grant by 60 percent from Rs.2billion to Rs.3.6 billion during financial year 2019-20.
  • Considering the need of Blood Diseases treatment to the poor masses of the Province, the Sindh Government has allocated Rs.500 million for the financial year 2019-20.
  • An allocation of Rs.1 billion is earmarked for endowment fund for the welfare HIV/AIDS infected persons during financial year 2019-20

LAW AND ORDER: The allocation for Law & Order Sector is increased in the non-development budget from Rs.100.483 in the year 2018-19 billion to Rs.109.788 billion in the next financial year 2019-20.

The new schemes proposed for 2019-20 are:

  • Revamping of Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) and creating a professional & dedicated force styled as Counter-Terrorism Force (CTF).
  • Sindh Police will establish an additional 259 Reporting Rooms under an ADP scheme in the next financial year 2019-20 to streamline the processes and have easy access to the public.
  • The compensation package for Shaheed and Injured has been doubled from Rs.5 Million to Rs.10 Million. AccordinglyRs.2Billion have been proposed in the budget2019-20.
  • In order to fill in the gaps of actual requirement of police force, we plan to create 3000 new Posts in different grades in budget 2019-20.


The Government of Sindh has allocated Rs.12.3 billion for Social Protection and Poverty Reduction program in the development budget of 2019-20. Under this, there will be focus on 3 major interventions (i) Peoples Poverty Reduction Program (PPRP), (ii) Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) and (iii) Social Protection.

WATER SUPPLY& SEWERAGE AND SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT: In fiscal year of 2018-19, GoS provided Rs.37.73 billion for 267 water supply & sanitation schemes of Public Health Engineering and Local Government, of which 27 schemes have been completed. Overall releases and the expenditures remained low due to recent fiscal crunch. Rs.15.90 billion was released and Rs.7.87 billion could be spent by June 2019.

ROAD SECTOR: Around 559 schemes included in the ADP 2018-19, including 210 Road Sector schemes under Local Government Department. Total expenditure incurred by Local Govt. and Works & Services departments was Rs.28.0 billion and 182 schemes are expected to complete in June 2019.

ENERGY: The allocation for Energy Sector increased in non-development budget from Rs.23.883 in year 2018-19 billion toRs.24.920 billion in the next financial year 2019-20.

For the coming year, an allocation of Rs.590.0 million has been earmarked for Electrification.

IRRIGATION: The allocation for Irrigation Sector is increased in non-development budget from Rs.22.744 billion in year 2018-19 to Rs.23.070 billion in next financial year 2019-20.


In the context of Karachi; Government has unfolded a very robust implementation on ground, which is being augmented and speeded-up every year.

S-III is a mega sewerage project costing Rs.36.11 billion and it is under implementation since last over a decade. It was 50% financed by Govt. of Pakistan. Unfortunately, the Federal Government has deleted this from PSDP 2019-20 after the decision of ECNEC that Federal Government will only finance 50% cost of original cost of Rs.7,900 million.

Hence it has taken responsibility only for Rs.3.9 billion only.  Government of Sindh stands fully committed to this project. Work is in full swing in Lyari River Basin area.

The treatment plant at Mauripur (TP-III) has been Finance Department, Government of Sindh rehabilitated to treat 77 MGD wastewater and is operational. Work on Treatment Plant at Haroonabad (TP-I) having a capacity of 100 MGD is planned to be completed by December 2019 enhancing the treatment capacity up to 177 MGD.

In addition, out of 33.32 Kms of conduit /trunk sewers of Lyari basin, 28 Kms would be completed by July 2019. Similarly, work on the Malir trunk sewers and treatment plant at Korangi (TP-IV) having capacity of 180 MGD would start during 2019-20.

Sindh Government has kept an allocation of Rs.5.0billion in ADP 2019-20.  Implementation with 33% of financing by Federalð another mega project; the K-IV with cost of Rs.25.55 billion is under implementation. Its 50% financed by Federal Government and it has provided Rs.6.99 billion. Govt. of Sindh has released Rs.7.96 billion and utilized this.

The project is presently under review by NESPAK for its design and cost.  The Combined Effluent Treatment Plant costing Rs.11.8ð billion is under Govt. By June, 2019, Rs.582.4 million was incurred on this project.

The Federal Government has allocated Rs.500.0 million and the Government of Sindh has allocated Rs.2.0 billion for FY 2019-20. Finance Department, Government of Sindh.

Government of Sindh under the Mega Projects for Karachi City has invested Rs.29.0 billion during last three years (2016-17 to 2018-19) which has helped in completing 19 major projects of Karachi city.

Good News for Karachi:

In addition to that the chief minister that the government was going to launch the biggest infrastructure road project of Karachi “Malir Expressway” The project’s feasibility study has been completed and soon it would be launched under PPP mode. Another project “Link Road” for facilitating heavy traffic from N5 to M9 would also be launched under PPP, next year.

LIVESTOCK & FISHERIES: Under ADP 2018-19,46 schemes including 02 new initiatives were taken-up. The amount released for this component was Rs.652.5 million; against which Rs.310.8 million were spent.

CLIMATE CHANGE & FOREST: For FY 2019-20, an allocation of Rs.1 billion has been earmarked. Tree plantation and enhancing green cover will be the major focus in the coming year. Irrigated Plantation will be done over 20,000 acres, reforestation in riverine forest on 80,000 acres, Roadside and Canalside plantation on 600 kms, raising of 40 million nursery plants.

SCHOLARSHIPS STUDENTS SECURING A-1 GRADE: Scholarships to all Students Securing A-1 Grade in Matriculation and Intermediate: This scholarship shall be provided as an incentive to students for their efforts in securing higher grades, regardless of the family income in include motivation in them.

ABOLISHMENT OF REGISTRATION AND EXAMINATION FEE: Abolishment of Registration and Examination fee for all Matric and Intermediate Boards in Sindh: Under this scheme Finance Department, Government of Sindh, fees for all matric and intermediate boards have been abolished to benefit our students. This scheme will continue in year 2019-20.


Increase in Salary of Govt Employees:

For the next financial year 2019-20, the government proposed an increase of 15% in pay as Adhoc Relief Allowance of all Government employees and pensioners.

The compensation package for martyred and injured personnel of the Police Department has been doubled from Rs.5 Million to Rs.10 Million.

Minimum Wage:

The minimum wage rate has been kept at par with the Federal Government at the rate of Rs.17, 500 per month.

Sindh CM at the end of his speech added: “We have always advocated for a balanced and responsible budget. That is what we believe in and that is what we presented today. We are aware that we have challenges ahead.”

“The theories, the dogmas and the scripts stand outside the gates of history. The dominant factor is the aspiration of the people and the ability to seek total identification with it.”

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