Hollywood film Spider-Man: Far From Home will be returning to cinemas with new footage soon. 

The film will be re-releasing with a new four-minute long action sequence on August 29 in theatres in  the United States and Canada, reports Variety.

The superhero movie had it’s fair share of success, becoming Sony Pictures highest-grossing film moving past $1.109 billion globally over the weekend. But makers are hoping to get the fans back to cinema with a brand-new action scene.

This joint-venture of Sony Pictures and Marvel is also the first Spider-Man film to hit the $1 billion mark and become the fourth highest-grosser of 2019.

Previously, Disney re-introduced Avengers: Endgame to cinemas with new footage to break Avatar’s record and was successful in doing so. This move helped the film’s initial earning of $2.74 billion worldwide to climb up to  $2.7902 billion making it the biggest movie in history.

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