The video showing paranormal activity what is claimed to be the child ghost playing around the staircase inside a house went viral as it was viewed thousands of times by internet users since last Wednesday.

The unusual activity was reportedly caught on a home security camera earlier this month which was uploaded on YouTube by a user Joel Nolan.

Viewers can watch a misty outline enters in the bottom right hand corner in the footage of a living room where a cat sitting in the middle, British media reported.

The ‘apparition’ seems to move backwards and forwards before disappearing out of sit as the cat sits impassively on the floor.

Nolan wrote: “On August 8th, 2019 at 12:54am our security camera picked up a strange visitor walking through the kitchen.”

“Some claim are saying it’s a little boy, others are saying they see a boy, a girl and their dog. We don’t know for sure, but let us know what you think.”

One of those who saw it and commented asked Joey: “Anyone die recently in the family I wonder? Pretty cool but you don’t see much. It looks like someone walking around.”

Joey replied: “No recent deaths, fortunately. We’ve been digging into the house’s history to see if there’s any significance with the date of the occurrence. Not much activity before or after.”

One person said: “yup, it’s a spider”, which another claimed it was “a bit of dust.”

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