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ISLAMABAD: Muhammad Khan Bangalani, the head of Bangalani tribe, on Thursday filed a petition in the Supreme Court seeking protection against extortion racket in Sukkur

Bangalani said in the petition that a Union Council Nazim, Ahsan Shah, along with his accomplices had been taking extortion from his tribe for last 14 years. He said that his tribe had been deprived of their homes and agricultural land and they were compelled to live in exile. Bangalani said that 12 of their members had been died of starvation.

He said that his tribe’s members were beaten up, made hostages and threaten to pay the extortion money. Bangalani said that the extortionists lodged fake FIRs against them over refusal of the extortion money. He told the apex court that his tribe had spent around Rs15 million on the fake cases.

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The tribes chief said that he sent many application to Sindh IG against the extortionist racket but all his efforts went in vain. He alleged that the local police was also supporting the extortionists.

Muhammad Khan Bangalani said that the extortionist Ahsan Shah along with his 28 accomplices, in June 2018, had stormed on the tribe and looted Rs8 million.


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