Lemons are rich in vitamin C, fiber, and a variety of advantageous plant compounds. The nutrients in lemons assist in major health benefits.

According to a study, it is observed that lemons may maintain heart well being, weight control, & digestion related matters.

Below mentioned are some vital health benefits of lemons:

1. Maintains Heart Health

Lemon heart health

Since lemons are very well known as rich source of vitamin C, which means that one lemon contains almost 31 mg of vitamin C, which is 51% of the reference daily intake (RDI) by an individual.

It is believed that intake of fruits and vegetables which are prosperous in vitamin C, diminishes the menace of heart related diseases including stroke or hypertension.

Not only vitamin C plays an important role for maintenance of heart health, but also its fiber content & plant compounds are contributors for a better health. A study reveals that consuming 24 grams of citrus fiber extract on daily basis for a period of one month helps to lessen blood cholesterol levels.

2. Assist in Weight Loss

lemon weight loss

Lemons are widely consumed when it comes to weight loss natural remedies, some theories are also related to this.

One of the general theory explains that the soluble pectin fiber in lemons enlarges in your stomach, due to which there is feeling of full stomach for a long time.

Another best weight loss remedy suggests that consumption of hot water with lemon in an empty stomach adds to quick weight loss.

3. Averts building of Kidney Stones

kidney stones

Kidney stones are lumps of different sizes that are formed when waste products crystallizes. Building of kidney stones is very common nowadays, and once an individual gets them, they often get them frequently.

Citric acid is useful in order to avoid building of kidney stones by escalating urine volume & its pH.

It is recommended that intake of just half cup (4 ounces or 125 ml) of lemon juice per day is reasonable to supply sufficient citric acid so as to avert stone shaping in kidneys.

4. Fight Against Anemia


Iron deficiency anemia is very common in every healthy body, it only starts when a person lacks adequate iron from the foods intake.

Lemons are vital source of iron as well, they do prevent anemia by perking up your absorption ability of iron from plant based foods.

Normally your gut absorbs iron easily from various foods such as meat, chicken, and fish. But, absorbing iron from plant based foods is comparatively not easy, it can be only improvised by more consumption of vitamin C & citric acid.

5. Lessen Risk for Cancer


It is observed that a healthy diet rich with fruits & vegetables assist in prevention of some types of cancers. People who consume most citrus fruit have lower chance of cancer.

Some studies reveals that the plant compounds in lemons, including limonene and naringenin plays significant role as anticancer effects. These compounds prevents malignant tumors that are usually developed in the tongues, lungs, and colons of rodents.

6. Reduces Acne


Acne breakouts are very common after teenage in majority of the youngsters & adults.

Acne is usually treated by medications, but some natural home remedies which are based on lemons are also vital for reducing acne.

The ingredients for making acne free masks including lemon are very easy to be found in our kitchens.

Tip 1: Use same portion of lemon juice along with same portion of rose water, mix them well and keep it in fridge.

Apply this mixture with the help of cotton on the area of acne breakout, regular usage of this before sleeping at night will reduce acne & lessen blemishes.

Tip 2: Take 1 tsp of gram flour, 1 tsp of lemon juice, 1 tsp of milk & 1 tsp of honey. Mix them well and apply on the area where acne is present.

This mixture will help to control oil, which plays vital role in acne breakout.

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