Pakistan’s teen Umar Khan bagged the bronze medal in IBSF U16 World Snooker Championship in Russia on Saturday.

Khan showed a dominant performance throughout in the tournament but fell short in the semi-final when he lost to Hungary’s Bulcsù Revesz by 4-1. The scores of the match were 12-107(53), 61-50, 66-43, 94-0(85), 83-13.

“It was a tough competition throughout and I happy to clinch the Bronze medal for my country,” Khan said on his return.

The 16-years-old snooker champ had a great time in Russia while participating in his first international tournament. “It was great exposure for me. It was my first tournament and winning the medal is a great achievement indeed for me, my family and country,” he said.

Earlier, Khan beat Russia’s Kirill Zhizduk by 3-0 in Pre-quarters and clinched the quarter-final by 4-1 against Russia’s Andrel Karasov.

On the other hand, 14-years-old Hamza Ilyas lost in the Pre-Quarters to Mina Awad of Egypt.


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